General Policies:


  1. Students shall be punctual for all classes and performances.

  2. Students shall behave and follow teacher’s instruction in class.

  3. Students shall wear HKAMT shirts in all classes.

  4. Students and parents/guardians shall be responsible for their personal belongings during classes and performances. HKAMT is not responsible for any loss.

  5. Parents/guardians shall pick up the student promtly after classes and performances. HKAMT is not responsible for students’ personal safety after classes or performances.

  6. Parents/guardians shall update HKAMT immediately if there is any change in their mobile phone number or email address.

  7. HKAMT owns all intellectual property rights of its classes, rehearsals, and performances. HKAMT has the right to take photographs and audio/visual recordings of its activities and to publish them publicly. Parents who do not wish their children’s photos or videos to be published, please notify HKAMT in advance.

  8. HKAMT reserves the right to amend its policies without prior notice and the right to make the final decision in case of any disputes.


Tuition Policies:


  1. Tuition or other fees shall be paid by cheque payable to Hong Kong Academy of Musical Theatre or by bank transfer to HSBC account 819-859810-838.

  2. Tuition of each semester shall be paid in two installments, each covers 10 classes. Each of the installment must be paid in full on or before the following dates:

  • Spring Semester (January to June)

  • First installment: 15th December

  • Second installment: 15th March

  • Fall Semester (July to December)

  • First installment: 15th June

  • Second installment: 15th September

  1. Paid tuition will not be refunded nor use for any other purposes.

  2. If a tuition payment is overdue for 2 weeks after the due date, HKAMT reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrollment.


Absence Policies:


  1. Parents/guardians shall read the school calendar posted on HKAMT website carefully and follow the class schedule.

  2. Parents/guardians shall notify HKAMT as early as possible if the student is going to miss a class and the reason of absence by email or whatsapp.

  3. If a student misses a class without advance notice, it will be considered as absence without notice. A student’s enrollment shall be terminated with 3 consecutive absences without notice.

  4. If a student misses 3 or more classes within one semester, either with or without advance notice, HKAMT reserves the right not to allow the student to take part in our performances.

  5. No make-up or tuition refund will be offered for the classes missed regardless of the reason of the absence.

Office Address

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Tel: +852 3954 5936

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